satsudo chapter 1

satsudo chapter 1 | The Journey of Satsudo

Leaving his home in Japan, satsudo chapter 1, a young monk, journeyed to China to study at the Shaolin Temple. Although he was anxious to master the art of kung fu, he quickly recognized that the trip would be long and challenging.

A rigid code of behavior was demanded of the monks at the Shaolin Temple because it was such a formal setting. Even when he disagreed with them, Satsudo had to learn to submit to his elders. As well as learning to restrain his emotions, he also had to learn to concentrate his thoughts on the task at hand.

Satsudo frequently considered giving up during the rigorous training. But he understood that he had to keep practicing if he wanted to become a great kung fu master.

Satsudo was sparring with a senior monk one day. The monk easily defeated Satsudo because he was bigger and stronger than the latter. When Satsudo was about to give up, he recalled something his master had instructed him to do:

“A single step is the first step in a journey of a thousand miles.”

Satsudo took a deep breath and focused his mind. He knew that he couldn’t defeat the monk with strength, so he used his speed and agility to his advantage. He dodged the monk’s attacks and landed a few punches of his own.

The monk was surprised by Satsudo’s newfound strength, and he began to lose his temper. He started to attack Satsudo more aggressively, but Satsudo was able to stay out of his reach.

And at last the monk erred. Satsudo was able to deliver a crushing blow because he overextended himself. The spar was won by Satsudo when the monk collapsed to the ground.

The End of Chapter 1

The trip that Satsudo will go on doesn’t end here. We’ll follow him as he continues his training at the Shaolin Temple in upcoming chapters. We’ll watch him take on fresh obstacles and succeed. Both as a person and a kung fu master, he will develop.

satsudo chapter 1

Satsudo Chapter 2 | The Trials of Satsudo

Satsudo resumed his trek and encountered numerous difficulties. Physically, mentally, and spiritually, he was put to the test. Controlling his body, mind, and emotions was something he had to learn to do.

The urge to give up was among the toughest obstacles Satsudo had to overcome. He frequently felt like he wasn’t able to continue. He pushed himself to continue since he constantly thought about his master’s advice.

Physically, Satsudo had a lot to overcome. He was frequently hurt and forced to practice in the most difficult circumstances. But because he persisted, he eventually rose to the position of one of the Shaolin Temple’s most powerful and accomplished monks.

Satsudo had to overcome a lot of psychological and spiritual difficulties in addition to physical difficulties. He had to master emotional restraint as well as mental concentration on the job at hand. The ability to let go of one’s ego and see the world from the perspective of others were other skills he had to develop.

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