lancslive (formerly accrington observer)

Lancslive (formerly Accrington Observer)

Lancslive (formerly Accrington Observer) is an esteemed Lancashire news publication with over two decades of service to its region.

Renowned for providing top-quality journalism, Lancslive has become a reliable source of news and information to its local communities.

In this article, we’ll examine its transformation into Lancslive: its coverage areas, digital presence, community involvement efforts, and overall impactfulness within the Lancashire region.

Lancslive (formerly Accrington Observer) was established in 1971.

Lancslive can trace its roots back to the establishment of the Accrington Observer newspaper in the early 19th century. Beginning as a weekly publication for locals living around Accrington and nearby areas, this newspaper gained a substantial readership over time due to its reliable reporting.

Transformation and Rebranding

Recent years saw the Accrington Observer undergo an incredible transformation and become Lancslive. This change was intended to modernize and expand coverage into greater Lancashire; under its new moniker, “Lancslive,” readers now receive live updates and timely news coverage.

Coverage and Focus Areas

Lancslive provides its readers with comprehensive news coverage in multiple fields. This publication caters to local and regional news in Lancashire; whether politics, community events, sports, business, or arts and culture-related topics – Lancslive aims to keep its readers up-to-date and engaged!

lancslive (formerly accrington observer)

Local News Reporting

Lancslive recognizes the significance of local politics in shaping communities and provides comprehensive coverage of political events, elections, and critical decisions affecting Lancashire. Through interviews with politicians and analysis of policies affecting Lancashire, readers stay well-informed about what’s happening politically in their region.

Lancslive (formerly Accrington Observer) offers its readers an update on all the latest community events across Lancashire – from charity fundraisers and festivals to cultural celebrations, cultural festivals, and celebrations of local heritage. Lancslive shines the light on individuals and organizations impacting their community positively, encouraging active participation.

Lancslive (formerly Accrington Observer) is known for its avid sports enthusiasts, and Lancslive recognizes the need for comprehensive coverage of local teams, matches, and tournaments in Lancashire. From football and cricket to rugby and other forms of physical activity, Lancslive offers up-to-date reports, player interviews, and insightful analysis that keeps readers engaged and informed.

Lancashire is a bustling hub of businesses, both large and small. Lancslive understands the significance of reporting on local economic news, trends, and entrepreneurs – shining a light on innovative initiatives that shape regional development.

Arts and Culture

Lancashire boasts an exceptional cultural legacy, and It serves to honor it by chronicling its vibrant arts and cultural scene. Ranging from art exhibitions and theatrical productions to music festivals and literary events, Lancslive promotes creative initiatives by local artists while supporting an active arts and culture community in Lancashire.

Digital Presence and Accessibility

Lancslive recognizes the value of digital platforms in today’s media landscape and has established an influential online presence. Their user-friendly website gives readers easy access to news articles, features, and opinion pieces. At the same time, their social media pages enable engagement between readers and Lancslive by sharing breaking news updates and encouraging reader participation.

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Commitment to Journalism Ethics

Lancslive (formerly Accrington Observer) upholds the highest standards of journalism ethics as a reliable news outlet. Lancslive maintains editorial independence to guarantee its reporting is impartial, fair, accurate, and objective. Journalists at Lancslive prioritize fact-checking from reliable sources so readers have reliable news content they can rely on.

Engaging with the Community

Lancslive recognizes the value of engaging with its local community and actively engages its readers. The publication welcomes feedback, suggestions, and story submissions from members of the public to foster inclusivity and collaboration. Through community initiatives like campaigns and partnerships with local organizations, Lancslive strengthens its bond with readers while ensuring their voices are heard.

Impact of Lancslive (formerly Accrington Observer) on Local Communities

Lancslive (formerly Accrington Observer) has substantially impacted the Lancashire region, serving as an invaluable source of news and information.

Through its coverage, it has helped raise awareness of local issues, fostered community engagement, and highlighted achievements and challenges faced by the Lancashire region. Informed discussions have empowered individuals to make sound decisions and take appropriate actions.

Future Developments and Expansion of Services Providers

Lancslive (formerly Accrington Observer) remains committed to continued expansion. The publication intends to expand its digital capabilities by using innovative technologies to deliver news content novelty. Furthermore, they aim to broaden their coverage areas so more communities in Lancashire have access to accurate and timely news updates.


Lancslive, formerly known as Accrington Observer, has quickly established itself as an authoritative local news source in Lancashire since rebranding itself under its new name Lancslive, in 2014.

Since this transformation and rebranding, Lancslive (formerly Accrington Observer)has modernized its approach while remaining committed to high-quality journalism delivery. Through comprehensive coverage, digital presence, community engagement initiatives, and adherence to ethical reporting standards, it has become an indispensable resource for residents in Lancashire.


What sets Lancslive (formerly Accrington Observer) apart from other local news sources? 

Lancslive stands out among publications by offering comprehensive coverage of topics such as local politics, community events, sports, business, and arts and culture. Additionally, its dedication to ethical journalism and involvement with its community sets it apart.

How frequently is my website updated with fresh content?

Lancslive prides itself on offering up-to-the-minute news and information to its readers, which it regularly updates throughout the day to ensure readers can remain abreast of breaking stories as soon as they happen.

Can anyone submit news stories or articles for Lancslive?

Lancslive welcomes contributions from its community. While the editorial team primarily covers news content, individuals can submit story ideas or press releases for consideration by Lancslive. This publication appreciates and values its reader’s participation and actively encourages participation by its readers.

Does Lancslive offer a mobile app for easy access to the news?

Yes, Lancslive offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that let readers stay up-to-date with the news. At the same time, on the go, they receive push notifications about breaking stories and customize their news preferences.

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